Aircraft Engine Gear Grinding Specialists


Gear Repair

Providing repairs for gears, gearboxes and related components. We have developed specialized proprietary machines for reprofiling gears and spline shafts.

Gear Inspection & Refurbishing Capabilities

  • Inspection of gears, splines and related components
  • Honing, lapping and grinding of gears and splines
  • Removal and replacement of worn splines
  • Grind/Plate Grind repairs for shaft and bearing diameters
  • Disassembly and reassembly of components
  • Engineering and developing repairs
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General Electric Axis "C" Gearshaft

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General Electric Axis "B" Gearshaft

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Compressor Rotor Drive Shaft

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Planet Gears Refurbishing

Aircraft Engine Gear Repair

Specialized Processes

Our specialized processes have enabled us to salvage gears and splined shafts which prior to this would have been considered to be unsalvageable.


F.A.A. / J.A.A. – CRS – AIOR143N

We are a FAA/JAA approved repair station. We work closely with OEMs developing new repairs on a continuous basis. Parts are returned to service with 8130.3 airworthiness approval tags.

Engine Gears and Gearboxes Serviced